Our six starter flock ewes with their guard llama. Amazing how we have increased our flock so quickly from just a few ewes!

We take biosecurity very seriously, and although we do not take sheep to shows as we only show our fiber, we take precautionary measures to prevent communicable diseases. We also test for OPP and scrapie resistance at codon 171.

From the time when we moved to part of the family farm in 2012, we have worked to improve the 125 acres of farm to pasture our purebred Romeldale/CVM flock. Our farm is located in the non-glaciated area of

southwestern Wisconsin near Richland Center.

Our current flock consists of white and colored purebred Romeldale sheep, including CVM and moorit colored sheep. They are registered with the
National CVM Conservancy, (American Romeldale/CVM Registry), the only registry for purebred Romeldales/CVM sheep. Although the production of beautiful fleeces is the main focus of the flock, we also take into account other selection criteria such as structural correctness, mothering ability, and parasite resistance.

​We are committed to following sustainable agricultural practices at our farm, trying to enhance the quality of life of all the living creatures on our farm while at the same time taking care of our environment. That
includes using wormers and antibiotics sparingly, and only when needed, as well on relying heavily on intensive pasture grazing for our animals which has resulted in nearly no adult sheep needing wormers except after lambing. We are also working towards being able to grow our own hay, which we have already started to some degree to have better control of our hay needs.

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